Colonal“Contact Flow”™, as created by Grandmaster John Perkins, is a unique, “anything-goes”, free-form sparring exercise focusing on energy, sensitivity, balance, body unity, looseness and adaptivity.

Although it appears somewhat similar to tai chi push-hands and wing chun chi sao, it utilizes all forms of striking, kicking, gouging, breaking, ground-fighting, and military combatives as well as a proprietary method of power development called “Drop-Force Striking” (which is not used in any other martial art)–in short, everything and anything that may occur in Real World violence. Part of this involves the training of “Combat Consciousness”: an all-out Warrior Mentality that takes into account the kind of dynamic, changing,  un-choreographed chaos that characterizes true violence.

Contact Flow is practiced both at slow speed to maximize the development of the above attributes, all the way up to full speed (depending upon the participants’ skill level) but always at the same agreed upon speed with the end result of fulfilling the Guided Chaos maxim of becoming “Unavailable yet Unavoidable.” All abilities welcome. Advanced reservations required!

Where: Ba’z Tai Chi & Kung Fu Studio 5235-43 Ridge Ave. 2nd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Taught By: Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour USMC Iraq & Afghanistan Combat veteran (pictured)

Cost: $50 per person.

Contact us to reserve your place today!

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