The Ba’z Tai Chi and Kung Fu studio was started by Sifu John C. J. Chen in 1996 in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia. It is now located on the second floor of 5235-43 Ridge Avenue (intersection of Ridge and Manayunk Avenues) in Roxborough. The school is a branch of the New York Wu-Tang Kung Fu Institute.

Sifu Chen offers classes specializing in the Wu-Tang system of martial arts with an emphasis on structure training, form, application, and general well-being. With this regimented instruction, students develop a wide range of body movements, styles, and routines that develop excellent coordination and above all else; a sense of self-awareness.

Wu-Tang Philadelphia also bears in mind the importance of personal protection and self-defense. We believe that training in this regard can only make us stronger, safer, and more intelligent in life’s unpredictable situations. Our studio extends an invitation to any individual interested in exploring these philosophies by joining our Wu-Tang way of life.

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